evolution 3.32.3

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Bug Fixes:
        I#400 - [To Do Bar] False runtime warning with 'Show Tasks without Due date' set (Milan Crha)
        I#405 - Time zone change not properly propagated in the Month View (Milan Crha)
        I#432 - Prefer Reply-To from To/Cc in Group Reply (Milan Crha)
        I#433 - Change <div>/<p> styling in composer to better match preview panel (Milan Crha)
        I#437 - [To Do Bar] Leftover task after DUE date change (Milan Crha)
        I#439 - Calendar Month view weekday names unreadable in dark theme (Milan Crha)
        I#445 - Don't show blockquote indicators on both sides for 6th+ level (Milan Crha)
        I#446 - S/MIME signed message reported as encrypted in the "Security:" header (Milan Crha)
        I#454 - [ECellCheckbox] Draw the check state using gtk+ theme (Milan Crha)
        I#472 - Merge Contact window shown empty in certain situations (Milan Crha)
        I#474 - [ESource Editors] Invalid URL: field value reset on User: field change (Milan Crha)
        I#479 - Call mail account refresh also after going online (Milan Crha)
        I#481 - WebDAV browser: Popover widgets can be made insensitive by gtk+ (Milan Crha)
        I#484 - Edit Memo's Start date in-table as DATE by default (Milan Crha)
        M!13 - Improve icons in previews with hiDPI monitors (Milan Crha)
        M!14 - Allow floating point value for webview body font size (Guillaume Castagnino)
        M!16 - Add copyright and OASR content rating info into .appdata.xml file (Jiri Eischmann)
        eds-I#112 - Credentials prompter re-asks for credentials of disabled accounts (Milan Crha)

        Fix a possible memory leak in e-web-view.c:web_view_initialize() (Milan Crha)
        Reference a GDBusProxy object in the synchronous call wrappers (Milan Crha)
        Fix a crash when filling mail threaded view (Milan Crha)
        Change buffer size argument value in call of icalvalue_decode_ical_string() (Milan Crha)
        Change path where backup/restore searches for the .running file (Milan Crha)
        Fix several memory leaks in the addressbook code (Milan Crha)

        Alexandre Franke (fr)
        Rodrigo Lledó (es)

https://download.gnome.org/sources/evolution/3.32/evolution-3.32.3.tar.xz (11.2M)
  sha256sum: b653a65f8dac956d4832af6d1f1d9ecad59d198e5e9d2e6743829a5e2b891c3e

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