evolution 3.33.3

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Bug Fixes:
        Bug 233065 - Add "URL" field for appointments and memos (Milan Crha)
        Bug 793795 - Use EUrlEntry in HTML editor's Link Properties dialog (Milan Crha)
        I#399 - Allow Selection From Multiple User-Defined Reminder Times (Milan Crha)
        I#408 - Make it possible to hide address book groups (Milan Crha)
        I#433 - Change <div>/<p> styling in composer to better match preview panel (Milan Crha)
        I#445 - Don't show blockquote indicators on both sides for 6th+ level (Milan Crha)
        I#446 - S/MIME signed message reported as encrypted in the "Security:" header (Milan Crha)
        I#448 - Meeting Editor: Use toggle for the attendees' RSVP column (Milan Crha)
        I#454 - [ECellCheckbox] Draw the check state using gtk+ theme (Milan Crha)
        I#463 - Deselect category when it's deleted in the Category editor (Milan Crha)
        I#468 - Update README to markdown (Addie GS)
        I#472 - Merge Contact window shown empty in certain situations (Milan Crha)
        I#474 - [ESource Editors] Invalid URL: field value reset on User: field change (Milan Crha)
        I#475 - Show what the "Default" glib network manager is (Milan Crha)
        I#476 - Hide "Server handles meeting invitations" for VJOURNAL/CalDAV (Milan Crha)
        I#478 - Support STATUS for Events and Memos (Milan Crha)
        I#479 - Call mail account refresh also after going online (Milan Crha)
        I#481 - WebDAV browser: Popover widgets can be made insensitive by gtk+ (Milan Crha)
        I#484 - Edit Memo's Start date in-table as DATE by default (Milan Crha)
        M!14 - Allow floating point value for webview body font size (Guillaume Castagnino)
        M!17 - icon: update app icon (Jakub Steiner)
        eds-I#120 - Fails to build with libasan using Clang (undefined symbols) (Milan Crha)
        eds-I#121 - CalDAV-advertised subscribed WebCal is not imported (Milan Crha)
        eds-M!15 - Fix typos in CMake modules (Дилян Палаузов)
        eds-M!17 - Use Media Type from RFC 8551 for S/MIME creation (Milan Crha)

        Fix a crash in itip-view.c:extract_itip_data() (Milan Crha)
        Fix clang warnings (mostly [-Wenum-conversion]) (Milan Crha)
        Add all icon directories into icon theme search path in maintainer mode (Milan Crha)
        Local calendar config option to open for writing does nothing (Milan Crha)
        Change path where backup/restore searches for the .running file (Milan Crha)
        Fix several memory leaks in the addressbook code (Milan Crha)
        Memos cannot have set reminders according to RFC 5545 (Milan Crha)
        [Flatpak] Update libical version to 3.0.5 for the 'master' manifest (Milan Crha)
        Use ECalComponentAlarm members instead of ICalProperty objects (Milan Crha)
        Add 'Status' column to Memos and Calendar's List View (Milan Crha)

        Alexandre Franke (fr)
        Balázs Úr (hu)
        Rodrigo Lledó (es)
        Fabio Tomat (fur)
        Efstathios Iosifidis (el)

https://download.gnome.org/sources/evolution/3.33/evolution-3.33.3.tar.xz (11.3M)
  sha256sum: 67c1b6d8c79c69007cb7f6fab6a9bd515b009cabd6ed2bb67ce2cbe6f23d8b82

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