gobject-introspection 1.60.2

About GObject Introspection

GObject introspection provides tools and libraries to help manage its
common metadata format for representing GObject-based C APIs, designed
for bindings, documentation tools and API verification.


* docwriter: Fix Exception message attribute :mr:`146` (:user:`Philip Chimento <ptomato>`)
* meson: fix default cairo DLL name on Windows
* scanner: Fix error on Windows in case source files are on different drives
* gi-test: Fix gir file tests with MSVC :mr:`151` (:user:`Chun-wei Fan <fanc999>`)
* MSVC.README.rst: Update VS 2008/x64 build notes :mr:`152` (:user:`Chun-wei Fan <fanc999>`)
* giscanner/scannerlexer.l: Include io.h on Windows (:user:`Chun-wei Fan <fanc999>`)
* build: Force-include msvc_recommended_pragmas.h on Visual Studio :mr:`152` (:user:`Chun-wei Fan <fanc999>`)
* Update glib annotations (2.60.4)

https://download.gnome.org/sources/gobject-introspection/1.60/gobject-introspection-1.60.2.tar.xz (1.23M)
  sha256sum: ffdfe2368fb2e34a547898b01aac0520d52d8627fdeb1c306559bcb503ab5e9c

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