gnome-builder 3.32.3

About Builder

Builder is an IDE for writing GNOME-based software. It is currently
under heavy development.


Changes since last release:

 • Fixes for struct/enum when auto-formatting C headers.
 • The application-id is now validated from the template assistant.
 • The buffer monitor has had a number of fixes for situations involving
   external file modifications.
 • LD_LIBRARY_PATH is now set under various conditions when running
   applications from non-default prefixes.
 • FreeDesktop notifications are now removed when the build pipeline has been
 • Meson unit tests are reloaded when changes.
 • Auto-save will only activate if the file on disk has not been modified.
 • i18n/l10n improvements.
 • The NPM plugin can now be disabled.
 • Some missing shortcuts were added to they shortcuts dialog.
 • The foundry is now unloaded when shutting down a project, this fixed
   situations where build configurations were not saved.
 • Glade priorities were lowered to ensure that the editor has preference
   when opening .ui files.
 • The meson plugin handles changes to introspection format more gracefully.
 • The makefile plugin now handles Makefile/makefile/GNUmakefile.
 • Hardening of GDBusServer usage.
 • Updated translations.

======== (11.3M)
  sha256sum: de72e2e2cb928fa029457c78e82fa3bbae11d2e0ead8a1b07873ecf8743299ee

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