epiphany 3.33.2

About Epiphany

A simple web browser based on the popular WebKit rendering engine.


- Fix password manager for pages in iframes (#25, #26)
- Search engines now have favicons in address bar dropdown (#128)
- Allow searching for open tabs with address bar (#153)
- Show error message for moved or deleted downloads (#155)
- Fix preferences language button sensitivity (#279)
- Continue downloads in background when last window is closed (#322)
- Add custom error page for missing files when loading file URIs (#444)
- Add visual feedback for importing Firefox bookmarks (#484)
- Fix crash opening preferences dialog in weird locales (#545)
- Fix manage additional URLs web apps preference (#558)
- Fix downloading blob URIs in web apps (#593)
- Add search match counter (#639)
- Pages popover should not exceed window size in X11 (#656)
- Fix HTTP auth dialog losing focus when switching tabs (#750)
- Fix tab order reversing in session if tab is pinned (#777)
- Fix issues with ordering of pinned tabs (#780)
- Pinned tabs should not have a close button in tabs popover (#792)
- Add tooltips to items in address bar (#807)
- Log message to inspector console when adblocker blocks a resource
- New redesigned cookies dialog

https://download.gnome.org/sources/epiphany/3.33/epiphany-3.33.2.tar.xz (4.82M)
  sha256sum: 5314504301ce706f29706b0922f269771eecea75bdc86e2321bcfe7ca02b9aa2

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