gvfs 1.38.3

About gvfs

GVfs is a userspace virtual filesystem implementation for GIO (a
library available in GLib). GVfs comes with a set of backends,
including trash support, SFTP, SMB, HTTP, DAV, and many others. GVfs
also contains modules for GIO that implement volume monitors and
persistent metadata storage. There is also FUSE support that provides
limited access to the GVfs filesystems for applications not using GIO.


* daemon: Only accept EXTERNAL authentication (CVE-2019-12795)
* daemon: Check that the connecting client is the same user (CVE-2019-12795)
* admin: Ensure correct ownership when moving to file:// uri (CVE-2019-12449)
* admin: Use fsuid to ensure correct file ownership (CVE-2019-12447)
* admin: Allow changing file owner (CVE-2019-12447)
* admin: Add query_info_on_read/write functionality (CVE-2019-12448)
* Translation updates

https://download.gnome.org/sources/gvfs/1.38/gvfs-1.38.3.tar.xz (1.15M)
  sha256sum: 6f7c8037ad3f5b5067827c92f6b5295682edd1f4f2262677a7672309905ab486

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