librsvg 2.44.12

About librsvg

librsvg is a library to render SVG documents into GdkPixbuf images or
Cairo contexts in general. It is used throughout GNOME to render
things like scalable icons, from image viewers to view SVGs easily, or
to generate thumbnails for SVG files.


- At build time, you can now pass $CARGO and $RUSTC environment
  variables if you need to override the default Rust toolchain.
  Please see for details.  (Tobias Kortkamp)
- Fix #405 - In the gdk-pixbuf loader, don't crash the write()
  function doesn't receive a GError.
- Fix #398 - Detect circular references in gradients.

======== (12.1M)
  sha256sum: 66830b093a24262cc9bd2d1c921f6f59133a99893399d79768f7509021b678c0

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