libsoup 2.65.2

About libsoup

libsoup is an HTTP client/server library for GNOME. It uses GObjects
and the GLib main loop, to integrate well with GNOME applications.


        * Remove autotools build system and change to meson by default
          [#12, Tomas Popela]

        * Many fixes to Meson [Claudio Saavedra, Tomas Popela, Xavier

        * Improvements to the continuous integration infrastructure
          [Xavier Claessens]

        * Make sure SoupSession features are not disposed until all
          pending messages are processed [#130, Claudio Saavedra]

        * Updated translations: Greek, Slovak, French.

======== (1.63M)
  sha256sum: 8435a721c52624fcfd20467767fdf1fab55c8ed1cb6f0a08b8a643456d5ed1a1

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