gnome-software 3.31.2

About gnome-software

GNOME Software is for installing, removing and updating software.


Released: 2019-01-16

This is an unstable release in the 3.31 development series, with the following
 * Show permissions for installed flatpaks, and new permissions for updates
 * Use libxmlb to parse AppStream XML, making gnome-software start up faster
   and use less memory
 * Update the app icon
 * Update categories for ESRA rating system
 * Improve various error messages to have more details
 * Fix an issue that caused incorrect version numbers to be shown for installed
 * Fix various thread safety related crashes
 * Fix row unrevealing to not leave behind 2 pixels on the updates page
 * Make the refresh button to actually refresh packagekit cache
 * Fix various issues that could lead to cache refresh getting stuck
 * Show updates available notifications even when automatic updates are
 * Fix counting apps in the updates applied notification
 * Improve packagekit update loading code, hopefully making it more robust
 * Fix an issue that could lead to the packagekit plugin activating on
   rpm-ostree based systems
 * Switch flatpak updates to use a single transaction, which lets us share more
   code (and bugs) with the command line flatpak utility
 * Fix various issues with transitioning from the "Download" state to "Restart
   & Update"
 * Don't error out from update downloads if the ODRS server is unavailable
 * Fix old updates accumulating in the OS Updates item
 * Various flatpakref installation fixes
 * Fix opening the details page when clicking on "Show Details" in GNOME Shell
 * Fix opening shell extensions details from GNOME Tweaks
 * Various fixes for initial loading state
 * Add a separate "Download" step for packagekit offline updates, so that
   "Restart & Update" is instant
 * Fix a version comparison issue that led to package updates sometimes showing
   as downgrades in the OS Updates section (this needs latest appstream-glib)
 * Show the refresh button when the updates page is in the failed state
 * Notify about offline updates only after they are fully downloaded
 * Fix a memory corruption issue on 32-bit arches that made gnome-software very
 * Fix an issue with stuck back button on the details page after closing and
   reopening gnome-software
 * Make distro upgrades to Fedora N+2 release show up correctly
 * Various flatpak plugin fixes
 * Allow opening CAB files that include more than one update
 * Fix critical warnings when quickly switching between category pages
 * Small memory leak fixes

This release also updates translations.

======== (4.40M)
  sha256sum: 1532903edf030ec405dd8d912b502abf4a981781b93a2ff1eaac84728d6be820

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