libdazzle 3.31.4

About libdazzle

libdazzle is a collection of fancy features for GLib and Gtk+ that
aren't quite ready or generic enough for use inside those libraries.
This is often a proving ground for new widget prototypes. Applications
such as Builder tend to drive development of this project.


Changes in the release:

 • Improvements to documentation
 • Improvements to suggestion entry resiliency
 • GIR fixes for DzlGraphModel
 • Fixes for ctrl+shift+d
 • Use GtkPopover for GMenuModel
 • Animation improvements
 • Various memory leaks were plugged
 • Additional Radio API was added
 • A new remove-file signal was added to the directory reaper. This is not
   efficient as it passes state to the main thread from a worker thread.
   It may be optimized in the future
 • Various performance improvements
 • File transfer progress callback improvements

======== (427K)
  sha256sum: 68b1f368b92539b5629bd6c4eed0ed3d0e5b1b0b5820483d2ce65ffbbb15119e

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