librsvg 2.45.3

About librsvg

librsvg is a library to render SVG documents into GdkPixbuf images or
Cairo contexts in general. It is used throughout GNOME to render
things like scalable icons, from image viewers to view SVGs easily, or
to generate thumbnails for SVG files.


- Big news!  All the real work in the library is now implemented in
  Rust.  The public API is implemented in C, but most it calls
  immediately into the Rust code.  Special thanks to Paolo Borelli and
  Carlos Martín Nieto for making this possible.

- rsvg_handle_set_base_uri() now really assumes that it is passed a
  URI.  Previously it would try to differentiate between real URIs,
  and absolute or relative file paths.  If this breaks your code
  (i.e. you are passing a filename, not a URI), please tell us so we
  can restore the old behavior!

- Fix #395 - Don't panic in feMorphology if it ends up with a negative
  scaling transformation.
- Fix #398 - Detect circular references in gradients.
- Match the Firefox/Chrome behavior on gradients and patterns with
  circular references for fallbacks (Paolo Borelli).
- Fixes for Rust 1.30 and below (Jordan Petridis).
- Lots and lots of refactoring (Paolo Borelli, Federico Mena).

======== (13.0M)
  sha256sum: eb2bbf73a8fa4da2ee3ee9ff07babea8d8899d807fe98f48036ec0a14ead1ac2

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