dconf 0.31.1

About dconf

dconf is a simple key/value storage system ideal for storing user


 - Engine: Fix memory leak when subscribing to a path. (Guido Günther; !25)

 - CI: Always store test artifacts so we always get code coverage results.
   (Philip Withnall; !32)

 - Sort output of list and dump commands. (Tomasz Miąsko; !31)

 - Tests: Add integration tests for dconf and dconf-service running within
   a separate D-Bus session and clean XDG_RUNTIME_DIR and XDG_CONFIG_HOME.
   (Tomasz Miąsko; !31)

 - Engine: Coalesce pending writes into a single changeset.
   (Tomasz Miąsko; !30)

 - Consistently validate the number of arguments.
   Add optional directory argument for update command.
   (Tomasz Miąsko; !33)

 - Tests: Add further integration tests (Tomasz Miąsko; !33)

 - Check mtimes of files when updating databases. (Marek Kasik; !27; #11)

 - Indicate update failure with non-zero exit code. Consistently handle
   invalid configuration in update. (Tomasz Miąsko; !34; #42)

 - Replace Bugzilla by Gitlab URL in DOAP file. (Andre Klapper)

 - Tests: Add test for key paths locked in system databases
   (Tomasz Miąsko; !35)

https://download.gnome.org/sources/dconf/0.31/dconf-0.31.1.tar.xz (107K)
  sha256sum: adb4698e9c37055170031a3eeb362300c37dd6cba6145d1e06d96d9429ec4b04

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