dconf-editor 3.31.4

About dconf-editor

A graphical viewer and editor of applications internal settings


The UI and the features should mostly stay the same now until the future release
3.32 (planned in March). They include a search running from current folder, some
new keyboard shortcuts and functionalities, the ability to run on a really small
screen (vertically and horizontally), the (temporary) remove of the "Show folder
informations", and various big or small improvements everywhere. Happy new year.

Translations updated:
  Esperanto: Philip Goto
  Friulian: Fabio Tomat
  German: Tim Sabsch
  Lithuanian: Aurimas ńĆernius
  Spanish: Daniel Mustieles

https://download.gnome.org/sources/dconf-editor/3.31/dconf-editor-3.31.4.tar.xz (489K)
  sha256sum: e9c2993045b305b83e5fa7a95094cd9802e3c0d422b9ebb5b5243428ac522787

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