hitori 3.33.0

About hitori

Hitori is a small logic puzzle in a similar vein to the more popular
Sudoku. In the game, the player starts with a square board of numbers,
and has to paint out cells until there are no duplicate numbers in
each row and column. The following rules apply: • There must only be
one of each number in the unpainted cells in each row and column. •
No painted cell may be adjacent to another, vertically or
horizontally. • All the unpainted cells must be joined together
vertically and horizontally in one group. These are the only three
rules of the game, and so there may well be multiple solutions to a
Hitori puzzle board.


* Remember window size and position (#3, #4)

* Support localised (non-Arabic) digits on the game board (#13)

* Add keyboard shortcuts dialogue and improve keyboard shortcuts and mnemonics (!15, !21, !22)

* Bugs fixed:
 - #3 [BZ#732788] Should better handle maximization
 - #4 [BZ#735330] Remember window size/position
 - #13 Support localised digits on game board
 - !5 Rember window position/size and expand the drawing area
 - !7 Gitlab CI: setup flatpak nightlies
 - !15 menu: Add mnemonics for board size options
 - !21 shortcuts: fix Ctrl+N and add Ctrl+Q and Ctrl+W as quit actions
 - !22 Add Keyboard Shortcuts dialog
 - !23 generator: Rework random number seeding to not use deprecated functions

https://download.gnome.org/sources/hitori/3.33/hitori-3.33.0.tar.xz (158K)
  sha256sum: 6ae61d8d148197cf23b94ef375ec68a82dec6fb04c0bf48491e7a5642fcb59ca

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