sysprof 3.33.90

About Sysprof

The Sysprof profiler is a statistical profiler based on hardware
performance counters in modern CPUs. Please see

  for more information.


 • Tweak CSS styling a bit
 • Hide RAPL rows if no counters were discovered
 • Fix --no-battery in sysprof-cli
 • Improve parsing of /proc/mounts and /proc/pid/mountinfo
 • Improve support for using libsysprof from Flatpak
 • Symbol directories are removed from public ABI and consumers should
   now add directories to SysprofElfSymbolResolver directly

======== (359K)
  sha256sum: 43ab4fbb994c91034cc1a57ccb37621e8930ea282d620ff3052452788592fd5a

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