NetworkManager-openconnect 1.2.6

About NetworkManager-openconnect

Openconnect support for NetworkManager


Overview of changes since NetworkManager-openconnect-1.2.4

This is a new stable release of NetworkManager-openconnect.  Notable changes include:

* libnm-glib compatibility (NetworkManager < 1.0) is disabled by default.
  It can be enabled by passing --with-libnm-glib to configure script.
  Nobody should need it by now. Users that still use this are encouraged
  to let us know before the libnm-glib support is removed for good.
* Allow key files for TPM v2.0 to be configured.
* Add support for PAN GlobalProtect and native Pulse Secure protocol.
* Discourage users from accepting bad server certificates.
* Add persistent support (beware though).

  sha256sum: 95109803596a9782680a5dca3b51c4ad8ff7e126169d5431278cab694112975a

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