gedit-plugins 3.33.90

About gedit-plugins

Collection of plugins for the gedit Text Editor


Development release
- Switch from Autotools to Meson (Martin)
- Add CI to test buildability and enforce Flake8 (Jordi)
- Add new session saver plugin (Jordi)
- Remove synctex plugin (Jordi)
- Update Commander activation shortcut to Ctrl+, (Jordi)
- Many more fixes (Baschdel, Jordi, Piotr)

Contributors: Baschdel, Martin Blanchard, Piotr Drąg, Jordi Mas

======== (958K)
  sha256sum: 6fefc3002e304e8aed6b9b9e3aed27d4e1468d526e14b22d6c77a67ebb69e5ca

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