gnome-initial-setup 3.33.90

About GNOME Initial Setup

gnome-initial-setup helps you set up your OS when you boot or log in
for the first time.


* !38 systemd user instance support. This is inert without corresponding
  changes in other GNOME modules, and can be disabled entirely with
  `-Dsystemd=false` at build time.

* Other improvements and bug fixes:
 - !37 summary: don't free borrowed password string
 - !41 data: use a11y menu in initial-setup session
 - !42 driver: Account for multi monitor when checking for small screen
 - !44 language: Refactor the logo selection
 - !45 language: Fix the visibility of the placeholder
 - !46 summary: Make the page fit narrow screens
 - !49 Drop the headers for the first rows
 - !50 account: Drop the avatar button padding
 - !51 Refactor page headers
 - !52 data: Update required gnome-settings-daemon plugins

* Translation updates:
 - Basque
 - Karbi

======== (1.30M)
  sha256sum: 86306b752d46ed0e5cf713c502288fdd3da6db5df0b51ca900f2445d0419b5a1

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