java-atk-wrapper 0.35.0

About Java ATK Wrapper

Java ATK Wrapper provides a C wrapper to java to allow access to
methods from the ATK API interface in java


  Distribute manifest.txt
  783982: Fix build warnings
  789956: Build cleanups
  Allow building outside source tree
  Do not use GTK+
  Require java 7
  789959: Provide a java module
  Bump atk-bridge-2.0 dependency to 2.33.1
  760227: Filter out from distributed files
  Fix all warnings
  Extend JAW_DEBUG

  Provide javax.accessibility.AccessibilityProvider
  754688, 768347: Fix crashes on accessible context being NULL
  775609: Fix crashes on accessiblestateset being NULL
  793544: Fix crashes on ref_selection returning NULL
  760058: Deliver accessibility events in a separate context
  766772: Fix crash on unbound recursion
  770575: Gracefully abort initialization if at-spi fails
  793620: Fix iterating hash table in jaw_impl_finalize
  793823: Fix coordinates returned by atkcomponent
  791970: Fix removing component listener
  766774: Call jaw_impl_get_instance from the application thread
  793543: Make sure atk objects exist while processing signals
  793622: Fix missing reference addition on children_changed::add
  793821: Fix atk event parameters
  775947: Make jaw thread a daemon thread
  793819: Fix freeing objects
  669029: Fix netbeans crashes
  754748: Fix freemind crashes
  758242: Fix swing threading rules
  Fix SetName/Description/Role/AccessibleParent
  Fix GetLocale
  Fix Component extents
  Fix TableSetCaption/Summary
  Fix ActionSet/GetDescription
  Fix GetTextAtOffset
  Add GetTextBefore/AfterOffset
  Fix calling Accessible* methods in the EDT only
  Fix weak/global reference management, to make sure Accessible objects can
  easily be freed by the GC, but Atk* objects can't.
  Fix some null dereferences
  Fix text selection offsets
  Support alt graph modifier
  Fix key event hw_code reporting
  Support TableGetIndexAt
  Fix TableCell

  Update HACKING
  Update bug tracker URL
  Update missing atk interface implementations
  Document the whole picture
  Make Samuel Thibault maintainer

  Giuseppe Capaldo
  Magdalen Berns
  Federico Mena Quintero
  Fridrich Štrba
  Andre Klapper

Changes in version 0.33.3

  752590: Include --enable-compile-warning option
  752350: Make with PLATFORM_CFLAGS
  752095: Remove AC_PROG_RANLIB and AC_ISC_POSIX from
  750533: Don't use hard path for HOME install

  752588: Create AtkWrapper.h and include in AtkWrapper.c
  751997: Create prototype for access init and shutdown
  740439: Create jaw_editable_text_set_run_attributes
  752334: remove jaw_table_get_index_at
  740542: Create jaw_action_get_localized_name
  752291: Replace jaw_set_current_value with jaw_value_set_value
  742499: Implement bounds-changed signal in AtkWrapper
  752236: Create jaw_value_get_range
  752190: Create jaw_table_cell_get_column_span
  752188: Create jaw_table_cell_get_row_span
  752187: Create jaw_table_cell_get_row_column_span
  752174: Create jaw_table_cell_get_position
  751267:  BUGFIX: remove custom implementation of util listeners
  752346: Fix unused event listener warnings in jaw_util

  750937: Emit object:visible-data-changed signals
  752319: Create java AtkTextGranularity interface
  740439: Create setRunAttributes in AtkEditableText
  740542: Create getLocalizedName in AtkAction
  752190: Create getColumnSpan in AtkTableCell
  752188: Create getRowSpan in AtkTableCell
  752187: Create getRowColumnSpan in AtkTableCell
  752174: Create getPosition for AtkTableCell

  Update HACKING

  Magdalen Berns

=========  (2.14K)

======== (303K)
  sha256sum: 7b0616201a6cb36502af752c2391eb9497ac7435fe7447eb31da8875c5cdec56

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