gnome-builder 3.33.4

About Builder

Builder is an IDE for writing GNOME-based software. It is currently
under heavy development.


Changes since last release:

 • The greeter will disable input while opening a project
 • The sysprof plugin includes many new data sources
 • Git status in the project tree no longer uses color, instead
   opting for an open circle for changes, and closed circle for
   new files (along with bold)
 • The UI tries to be more consistent in using italics for changes
   as bold is used for new files in the project tree
 • Various project tree styling changes
 • Discovery of programs within Flatpak runtimes no longer requires
   using `which'. The files are located directly using known PATH
 • Various FreeBSD compilation fixes with Clang
 • Many other bug fixes and improvements
 • Translation updates

======== (11.4M)
  sha256sum: 41c851d98532ca7a82f940d98a719359ba47e408a5471ce6b56f0e8c68f4ac14

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