glib 2.58.1

About GLib

GLib is the low-level core library that forms the basis for projects
such as GTK+ and GNOME. It provides data structure handling for C,
portability wrappers, and interfaces for such runtime functionality as
an event loop, threads, dynamic loading, and an object system.


* Fix to a regression in listing GIcon fallbacks (#1513)

* Changes to pkg-config paths to helper programs when building with autotools:
  paths are now absolute with reference to the .pc file’s ${prefix} (#1521)

* Fix installation path of glib-gettextize helper on Meson (!290)

* Fix autostarting xdg-desktop-portal (!321, a backport of !317)

* Various fixes to the network monitor (#1518, !294)

* Various compilation fixes on macOS (generally older versions and older

Bugs fixed:
 !318 codegen: Change pointer casting to remove type-punning warnings
 #1513 GIcon regression?
 #1521 pkg-config files differ between Autotools and Meson build
 !321 Backport “Autostart xdg-desktop-portal if needed” to glib-2-58
 #1518 /network-monitor/create-in-thread fails in (LXC) containers on glib-2-56
 #1509 test_timeval_to_iso8601_overflow: 'out' should be NULL
 !288 Backport `command -v` vs `which` changes to glib-2-58
 !298 GLib 2.58 backports of various small patches
   !295 meson: fix typo
   !294 portal network monitor: Always emit changed signal on changed
   !290 build: fix installation dir of glib-gettextize
   #1488 ‘O_CLOEXEC’ undeclared (first use in this function)
   #1506 error: redefinition of typedef 'GKqueueFileMonitor'

* Translation updates:
 Brazilian Portuguese

======== (4.68M)
  sha256sum: 97d6a9d926b6aa3dfaadad3077cfb43eec74432ab455dff14250c769d526d7d6

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