gnome-photos 3.31.1

About Photos

Access, organize and share your photos on GNOME. A simple and elegant
replacement for using a file manager to deal with photos. Enhance,
crop and edit in a snap. Seamless cloud integration is offered through
GNOME Online Accounts.


* Bugs fixed:
  !46 Add Flatpak CI, and deliver bundles with each commit
  !55 Update the application icon for the GNOME 3.32 redesign
  !58 build: Remove redundant if branch
  !59 build: Ensure that the Git submodules are kept updated
  !63 facebook-item: Don't leak the GFBGraphGoaAuthorizer
  !65 Remove unused GTypes for enums, and declarations from the thumbnailer
  !66 flatpak: Tell Tracker not to use a media extractor and switch
      geocode-glib to Meson
  #63 Split some code into a private shared library and return a GFile after
      downloading it
  #77 Use g_auto*

======== (612K)
  sha256sum: e53afddd14045f06630d17f81c21f283c4a8bc420cf242db24f909acb533e4cb

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