BuildStream 1.1.3


  o Added new `bst init` command to initialize a new project.

  o Cross junction tracking is now disabled by default for projects
    which can support this by using project.refs ref-storage

    New options have been added to explicitly enable cross-junction

  o Failed jobs are now summarised at the end of a build.

    Use `--verbose` and `--no-verbose` to adjust the amount of detail given.

  o BuildElements' `configure-commands` are only run once for
    workspaces now, which allows for incremental builds.

    Appropriate API for plugins is also exposed through

  o The `cmake` plugin now supports building with ninja with the
    newly added `generator` configuration option.

  o `bst workspace close` and `bst workspace reset` now support multiple
    elements. All elements can be specified using `--all`.

  o The elements whose cache keys had to be determined during the build
    are summarised at the end of the build.

  o Fixed versioning introspection to be dynamic, many users use
    a developer install mode so they can update with git, now the
    version information is always up to date in logs.

    This causes a minor API break: The --version output now only
    outputs the version.

======== (328K)
  sha256sum: 3fb0ed28948102ff7538c73a224f74a96ee909fe66e30d64ca8cd80f792452d2

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