gjs 1.52.2


- This is an unscheuled release in order to revert a commit that causes a crash
  on exit, with some Cairo versions.

- Closed bugs and merge requests:

  * CI: pinned Fedora to old tag [!119, Claudio André]
  * heapgraph.py: adjust terminal output style [!120, Andy Holmes]
  * CI: small tweaks [!123, Claudio André]
  * Warn about compilation warnings [!125, Claudio André]
  * Miscellaneous commits [Philip Chimento, Jason Hicks]

https://download.gnome.org/sources/gjs/1.52/gjs-1.52.2.tar.xz (611K)
  sha256sum: 28bd9c9afabf934f43c55d97fa693a2f207c866c70eeba089a2306d3af47a003

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