glib-networking 2.57.1


- Use GnuTLS system trust and remove build option to specify cert bundle (#753260)
- Fix criticals when child streams outlast the parent GTlsConnection (#792219)
- Fix crash when setting client cert without private key (#793712)
- Update tests for compatibility with GnuTLS 3.6.2 (#794286)
- Never install GIO modules outside build prefix (#794358)
- Don't install test files if installed tests are disabled (#794372)
- Fix build with -Dpkcs11=false (#794292, Tom Schoonjans)
- Allow building as meson subproject (#794709, Mathieu Duponchelle)

- g_tls_certificate_verify() no longer manually verifies certificate
  activation/expiration time, matching the current behavior of

======== (165K)
  sha256sum: 663878443c636aa0af5b6708ddf715d82effe961989972cb9a1f48d2a3ecb026

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