pygobject 3.29.1


* Support for `PyPy <>`__ and PyPy3. :issue:`180`
* cairo: support :class:`cairo.Matrix` conversion. :issue:`16`
* Speed up repeated closure creation by caching the closure cache in the
  argument cache :issue:`103` (:user:`Garrett Regier <gregier>`\,
  :user:`Christoph Reiter <creiter>`)
* make setuptools/pkg_resources optional. :issue:`186`
* print installation instructions in case a dependency is missing.
* Remove autotools build system.
* overrides: Make :meth:`Gtk.ListStore.insert_before`,
  :meth:`Gtk.ListStore.insert_after`, :meth:`Gtk.TreeStore.insert_before` and
  :meth:`Gtk.TreeStore.insert_after` atomic.
* Make :class:`GLib.Error` picklable. :issue:`145`
* Add basic support for template based widgets through ``Gtk.Template``.
* Various documentation improvements. :mr:`29` (:user:`Dan Yeaw <danyeaw>`)
* Add PEP518/pyproject.toml file. :mr:`44` (:user:`James Tocknell <aragilar>`)
* Avoid truncating value returned from g_value_info_get_value. :mr:`51`
  (:user:`Tomasz Mi─ůsko <tmiasko>`)
* Fix typo in BoundSignal disconnect. :mr:`55`
  (:user:`Vladislav Glinsky <cl0ne>`)

======== (523K)
  sha256sum: a21eeff1d81061110625b1109d7f0b4b68a7518613892c259c6cec5687563dfc

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