amtk 4.99.1


* Move Amtk to its own git repository (it was initially developed in Tepl).
* Bump API/major version to 5, to avoid any problem if Tepl 4.0 is installed at
  the same time (which contains amtk-4).
* AmtkFactory: add functions to create a simple GtkMenu directly from an array
  of AmtkActionInfoEntry's (will be useful in gnome-latex).
* Extend Amtk to support a GUI with a GtkHeaderBar (now used in Devhelp):
 - AmtkFactory: add functions to create GMenuItem's and GtkShortcutsShortcut's.
 - Add convenience functions to create a GMenu and a GtkShortcutsWindow.
 - Add amtk_action_info_store_set_all_accels_to_app().

News in 3.99.1, 2017-12-09

* Amtk:
 - Improve amtk_utils_bind_g_action_to_gtk_action() to support _detailed_
   GAction names.
 - Add amtk_utils_create_gtk_action().

News in 2.99.4, 2017-08-20

* Add factory functions to create GtkMenuToolButton's and GtkCheckMenuItem's.
* Improve API of amtk_application_window_connect_menu_to_statusbar().
* Add amtk_utils_bind_g_action_to_gtk_action(), to be able to port an
  application gradually to GAction while still using GtkUIManager.

News in 2.99.3, 2017-08-09

* Add amtk_init() and amtk_finalize().
* Remove AmtkFactoryMenu class, move its functions to its parent class
* AmtkFactory: add functions to create GtkToolItem's.
* Add amtk_application_window_create_open_recent_menu().
* Improvements to the documentation.
* Other small code improvements.

News in 2.99.2, 2017-07-18

* The biggest change in this release is that the classes and functions related
  to actions and menus have been moved to a new shared library called Amtk
  (Actions, Menus and Toolbars Kit), since it was not really related to text
  editors, it is more general. But Amtk is still developed inside the Tepl
  repository. Amtk is a basic GtkUIManager replacement based on GAction (still
  under development, it is not yet finished, for example it doesn't handle
* Add AmtkFactory and AmtkFactoryMenu, which replace

News in 2.99.1, 2017-06-15
* The library has been renamed from Gtef (GTK+ text editor framework) to Tepl
  (Text editor product line), to have a more beautiful name. The end of Tepl is
  pronounced like “apple”.

News in 1.99.2, 2017-03-12

Basic GtkUIManager replacement based on GAction:
* Add an easy way to create a GtkMenuItem from a GtefActionInfo.
* Add a function to check that every GtefActionInfo in a GtefActionInfoStore
  has been used.
* Add reference counting to GtefActionInfo.
* Add GtefActionInfoCentralStore singleton class.
* Add gtef_action_map_add_action_entries_check_dups(), to check if there are
  duplicates when adding GActions to a GActionMap.
* Rename gtef_application_get_action_info_store() to
* Add GtefMenuShell, an extension of GtkMenuShell with the ::menu-item-selected
  and ::menu-item-deselected signals.
* Add gtef_menu_item_get/set_long_description().
* Add GtefApplicationWindow, an extension of GtkApplicationWindow with:
        * A statusbar property.
        * A function to connect a GtefMenuShell to the statusbar,
          pushing/popping the long descriptions of GtkMenuItems when they are
        * A function to connect a GtkRecentChooserMenu to the statusbar,
          pushing/popping the full paths.
        * A function to create a GtkMenuItem with a simple and generic
          GtkRecentChooserMenu as submenu.

News in 1.99.1, 2017-01-26

Start a basic GtkUIManager replacement based on GAction:
* Add gtef_utils_menu_item_set_icon_name()
* Add GtefActionInfo
* Add GtefActionInfoStore
* Note that those classes are a little out of scope for a text editor library.
  I would be happy to move those classes to a better library once the feature
  is finished and well-tested. The classes were added to Gtef for convenience.

=========  (55)

======== (360K)
  sha256sum: 0db921493917716d0a010b38d21ffbeed94320d5cd31a4092a1f0de30bdfd001

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