gnome-builder 3.28.1


Changes since last release:

 • Correctness fixes in the xml-pack plugin.
 • gdb plugin now updates frames properly for selected thread.
 • Some improvements in the emacs bindings.
 • The meson plugin handles meson being run outside of the builddir
   now when extracting targets and tests.
 • Many fixes in our introspection usage which translates into memory
   leak fixes for some plugins written in languages other than C.
 • Bug fixes for a number of build systems including cargo.
 • The build pipeline is now invalidated when the branch changes.
 • Right clicking on a project in the greeter now enters selection mode.
 • The VCS backend now unconditionally ignores minified JSON to protect
   various subsystems from parsing unnecessary data.
 • The todo plugin ignores more patterns early on, avoiding loading the
   content into memory.
 • Safety fixes to the code-index, buffer manager, terminals, xml parsing,
   and a number of other subsystems.
 • The qemu plugin now checks for the 'F' option which is required.
 • File settings now support setting auto-indent in GSettings. This fixes
   a regression in the preferences to enable/disable auto-indent on a per
   langugae basis.
 • primary+shift+k now activates the symbol search for the document.
 • Special handling of git worktrees has been added.
 • Flatpak manifest "simple" build system types now run the build-commands
   from the srcdir, as is done by flatpak-builder.

Updated Translations:

  Swedish, Indonesian, Lithuanian, Dutch, Czech, Italian,
  Brazilian Portuguese, Latvian.

======== (8.85M)
  sha256sum: a114958fdfbb4829344d6f52870224a00a3eb5e797799b72f9554e7c50593c82

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