gjs 1.52.1


- This version has more changes than would normally be expected from a stable
  version. The intention of 1.52.1 is to deliver a version that runs cleaner
  under performance tools, in time for the upcoming GNOME Shell performance
  hackfest. We also wanted to deliver a stable CI pipeline before branching
  GNOME 3.28 off of master.

- Claudio André's work on the CI pipeline deserves a spotlight. We now have
  test jobs that run linters, sanitizers, Valgrind, and more; the tests are
  run on up-to-date Docker images; and the reliability errors that were plaguing
  the test runs are solved.

- In addition to System.dumpHeap(), you can now dump a heap from a running
  Javascript program by starting it with the environment variable
  GJS_DEBUG_HEAP_OUTPUT=some_name, and sending it SIGUSR1.

- heapgraph.py is a tool in the repository (not installed in distributions) for
  analyzing and graphing heap dumps, to aid with tracking down memory leaks.

- The linter CI jobs will compare your branch against GNOME/gjs@master, and fail
  if your branch added any new linter errors. There may be false positives, and
  the rules configuration is not perfect. If that's the case on your merge
  request, you can skip the appropriate linter job by adding the text
  "[skip (linter)]" in your commit message: e.g., "[skip cpplint]".

- We welcomed first merge requests from several new contributors for this

- Closed bugs and merge requests:

  * Crash when resolving promises if exception is pending [#18, !95, Philip
  * gjs_byte_array_get_proto(JSContext*): assertion failed: (((void) "gjs_"
    "byte_array" "_define_proto() must be called before " "gjs_" "byte_array"
    "_get_proto()", !v_proto.isUndefined())) [#39, !92, Philip Chimento]
  * Tools for examining heap graph [#116, !61, !118, Andy Holmes, Tommi
    Komulainen, Philip Chimento]
  * Run analysis tools to prepare for release [#120, !88, Philip Chimento]
  * Add support for passing flags to Gio.DBusProxy in makeProxyWrapper [#122,
    !81, Florian Müllner]
  * Cannot instantiate Cairo.Context [#126, !91, Philip Chimento]
  * GISCAN GjsPrivate-1.0.gir fails [#128, !90, Philip Chimento]
  * Invalid read of g_object_finalized flag [#129, !117, Philip Chimento]
  * Fix race condition in coverage file test [#130, !99, Philip Chimento]
  * Linter jobs should only fail if new lint errors were added [#133, !94,
    Philip Chimento]
  * Disable all tests that depends on X if there is no XServer [#135, !109,
    Claudio André]
  * Pick a different C++ linter [#137, !102, Philip Chimento]
  * Create a CI test that builds using autotools only [!74, Claudio André]
  * CI: enable ASAN [!89, Claudio André]
  * CI: disable static analysis jobs using the commit message [!93, Claudio
  * profiler: Don't assume layout of struct sigaction [!96, James Cowgill]
  * Valgrind [!98, Claudio André]
  * Robustness of CI [!103, Claudio André]
  * CI: make a separate job for installed tests [!106, Claudio André]
  * Corrected Markdown format and added links to JHBuild in setup guide for GJS
    [!111, Avi Zajac]
  * Update tweener.js -- 48 eslint errors fixed [!112, Karen Medina]
  * Various maintenance [!100, !104, !105, !107, !110, !113, !116, Claudio
    André, Philip Chimento]

https://download.gnome.org/sources/gjs/1.52/gjs-1.52.1.tar.xz (611K)
  sha256sum: a8fc9a4991e2b5611d54029b623de2a62522342766e4011504f4f538764735e8

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