gnome-software 3.28.1


Released: 2018-04-09

This is a stable release with the following changes:
 * Fix a regression with opening results from gnome-shell search
 * Show "Source: " tag in gnome-shell search when we have multiple matches
 * Improve unknown license tag color scheme on details page
 * Don't show installed icon on app tiles while still installing
 * Fix empty items appearing under OS Updates
 * Fix a regression that caused duplicate results in codec search
 * Fix an issue with passing username/password to packagekit proxy
 * Avoid crashing during first run with no network access
 * A number of rpm-ostree fixes, making it possible to trigger offline updates
 * Stop searching multiple times on search page
 * Update Fedora third party repositories "Find out more..." link
 * Fix an issue with in-app notifications failing with invalid markup errors
 * Improve purchase failure handling for the snap store
 * Fix a possible crash in snap plugin when adding screenshots
 * Various other crash and correctness fixes

This release also updates translations.

======== (4.94M)
  sha256sum: 7ad1bf414ef0839edeb947c22df08e9982671cee973f8f62c208bcb19eff4748

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