gnome-latex 3.28.0


* Changes for packagers:
 - New dependency: dconf.
 - Note that since the 3.27.2 version, the project has been renamed from
   latexila to gnome-latex.

* User-visible changes:
 - On first launch of GNOME LaTeX, import LaTeXila settings and user
   data/config files.
 - Change Find and Replace shortcut to Ctrl+H, to be like in gedit (thanks to
   Robert Griesel).
 - Update/improve the user documentation for the spell-checking.
 - Translation updates.

* Under the hood changes:
 - Project moved to GNOME GitLab.
 - Apply GtkSourceView coding style to *.c files.
 - Reduce delta between Vala and C coding styles.
 - Improve documentation for contributors.
 - Finish to port the Math menu to GAction (thanks to Robert Griesel).

======== (1.03M)
  sha256sum: 5d489869f7f0b7078071cc6957c25a46e42ad3e3a1cb71b787618a4d28fe359f

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