dconf-editor 3.22.4

About dconf-editor

A graphical viewer and editor of applications internal settings


Finally, one more release for a rather small correction of the C generated code,
revealed by a Coverity Scan ran by Andrej Nemec. With four translations updates.

Translations updated:
  Chinese (China): Mandy Wang
  Icelandic: Sveinn í Felli
  Occitan: Cédric Valmary
  Slovenian: Matej Urbančič

https://download.gnome.org/sources/dconf-editor/3.22/dconf-editor-3.22.4.tar.xz (397K)
  sha256sum: 575c5812acb9093abab33d253680550ea128f1831fca89755aa86bd0191bab6a

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