libsoup 2.60.2

About libsoup

libsoup is an HTTP client/server library for GNOME. It uses GObjects
and the GLib main loop, to integrate well with GNOME applications.


        * Fix documentation typos [#788920, Nirbheek Chauhan]

        * format-zero-length warning triggered in soup-logger.c
          [#789096, Tomas Popela]

        * Warnings while generating inrospection files
          [#789099, Tomas Popela]

        * Visual Studio builds: Enhance security of x64 binaries
          [Chun-wei Fan]

        * Updated translation: Nepali.

======== (1.75M)
  sha256sum: 7263cfe18872e2e652c196f5667e514616d9c97c861dfca82a65a55f45f0da01

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