glib-openssl 2.50.5

About glib-openssl

glib-openssl contains the implementations of certain GLib openssl
features that cannot be implemented directly in GLib itself because of
their dependencies.

Currently it contains a OpenSSL-based implementation of GTlsBackend.


* Go back to a generic cipher list but allow to override it using the
  G_TLS_OPENSSL_CIPHER_LIST environment variable
* More tweaks to the OpenSSL context confuguration
* Force TLSv1.2 or higher also on the client
* Improve the meson build
* Misc bug fixes
* Translation updates

======== (404K)
  sha256sum: 75a5c9d95c12099e534048db8eadeff4e2297c5d01617d776131f9f89c72f753

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