gtk+ 3.92.1

About gtk+

GTK+ is a multi-platform toolkit for creating graphical user
interfaces. Offering a complete set of widgets, GTK+ is suitable for
projects ranging from small one-off tools to complete application

GTK+ has been designed from the ground up to support a range of
languages, not only C/C++. Using GTK+ from languages such as Perl and
Python (especially in combination with the Glade GUI builder) provides
an effective method of rapid application development.

GTK+ is free software and part of the GNU Project. However, the
licensing terms for GTK+, the GNU LGPL, allow it to be used by all
developers, including those developing proprietary software, without
any license fees or royalties.


The bulk of the preparation for this release was done during
and after the fantastic GNOME.Asia Summit 2017 in Chongqing, China.

* Drop autotools support. Meson 0.42.1 is now required

* Implement most of CSS3 font-variant

* Add an Emoji chooser to GtkEntry

* Add new input hints for Emoji input

* Remaining widgets have been ported to GtkSnapshot

* GtkLabel and GtkEntry have been ported to use GSK

* Add a way for GtkOverlay to blur behind children. This is has a
  demo in gtk4-demo

* Add support for native file choosers on older OS X versions

* Add support for libcloudproviders in GtkPlacesSidebar

* Non-windowed widgets are now allowed to have a size of 0x0

* Allow tiled windows to be resized. Under wayland, this uses version 2
  of the gtk-shell protocol. Under X, it uses the _GTK_EDGE_CONSTRAINTS

* Input handling changes
 - GdkEvent has new accessors for fields
 - Traditional event signals (eg ::key-press-event) are now emitted from
   an event controller
 - Most widgets inside gtk have stopped using traditional event signals
 - GDK_SEAT_CAPABILITY_ALL_POINTING now includes touch events

* Scrollbars allow middle-click to jump to a position again

* GSK changes:
 - Add gsk_text_node_new
 - Add a glyph cache for the Vulkan backend
 - Add gsk_blur_node_new
 - Add gsk_cross_fade_node_new
 - Implement blur for Vulkan
 - Implement repeat nodes for Vulkan
 - Add gsk_blend_mode_new
 - the vulkan backend now uses multiple render passes, avoiding many
   fallbacks to cairo rendering
 - The profiling output for vulkan is now more useful, showing how many
   pixels of fallback rendering and intermediate textures we consume

* Inspector:
 - The recorder shows more useful information about render nodes
 - The general tab shows gsk and vulkan information

* Removed apis
 - gdk_window_new_input
 - gtk_widget_set_redraw_on_alloc
 - gtk_widget_get_{border,content,margin}_allocation
 - gtk_container_propagate_draw
 - deprecated CSS properties and syntaxes

* Bugs fixed:
 639931 gtk_application_add_window() docs should mention window destruction
 644248 stylecontext: add a raised style class
 705640 GtkWindow incorrectly requires a default screen
 766909 Tooltip of the eject button is a bit confusing - or just missing
 773299 Ensure GTK+-4.x builds and works on Windows (MSVC in particular)
 775074 GtkScrolledWindow does not disconnect all GtkAdjustment signal handl...
 775126 memory leak in gdk_wayland_window_ensure_cairo_surface
 778382 gtk_css_static_style_get_default doesn't check for a null setting
 778811 Enter submenus when activating their parent item
 780750 Shift + click in GtkEntry doesn't select
 780758 flowbox: bind_model passes wrong reference to create_widget_func in...
 781757 gdk_seat_grab() not working for touchscreen events
 782981 meson fixes
 783649 negative content width warning in GtkLevelbar
 783669 Allow resizing tiled windows
 784016 Crash in gnome-terminal due to calling a GdkDisplayClass vfunc on a...
 784421 Tooltips: Fix docs/theming for custom tooltip windows
 785210 meson: Support build on Windows (using Visual Studio at least)
 785306 FileChooserNativeQuartz: two fixes
 785736 textview: fix bug on DnD displaced limits of selection
 786144 GtkInfoBar Example - Wrong at (looks like typo/...
 786209 X11: GtkPopover positioning doesn't "avoid" CSD window shadows
 786400 "Art pen" named "Grip pen" in the Gnome Control Center
 786469 gdkwindow: Avoid re-setting the opaque region if it doesn't change
 786485 Image upload broken on vulkan
 786492 Incorrect scaling factor with Vulkan on Wayland
 786553 Wrong example number in Gtk Tutorial
 786613 Adwaita: provide a generic sidebar icon and label styling
 786673 Wayland: Crash in GtkEntryCompletion
 786885 Add explanatory tooltip to emoji icon
 786931 rnc/rng files specify "class" as mandatory for objects, but the par...
 786932 Let the "type-func" override the object's "class" attribute when ge...
 786938 Emoji picker wrongly opens when clicking on primary icon too
 786940 ::icon-pressed handler stays connected when setting :show-emoji-ico...
 786956 EmojiChooser: Fix theming on Adwaita:dark, HighContrast, etc.
 786960 Emoji chooser: don't show 'insert Emoji' item in emoji chooser cont...
 786964 Emoji Chooser: Can't scroll clicking on the scroll bar
 786966 Emoji chooser: unnecessary spacing b/w some rows in search result
 787021 GtkFlowBox: the orthogonal orientation always requests the most siz...
 787103 gtk3-widget-factory crashes on exit after inserting an emote on page3
 787172 EmojiChooser: Improve selection of section buttons
 787279 EmojiChooser: Hovered emoji become impossible to see in HighContras...
 787302 gtk+-3.22.20/gtk/gtkmountoperation-x11.c:669:sanity check after use ?
 787303 gtk+-3.22.20/gtk/gtknotebook.c: 2 * redundant conditions ?
 787410 entry: fix memory leak
 787416 build: Improve subproject support for builds
 787444 The color-selection dialog which is opened by a GtkColorButton shou...
 787531 The tick button is not/barely visible on light colors with Dark theme
 787600 PlacesSidebar/SidebarRow: CloudProvider singleton/accounts are neve...
 787757 Focus outline easily disappears around color chooser swatches
 788230 Bump GLib version to 2.53.7
 788458 (style) Array index 'i' is used before limits check.
 701296 gtkfixed accepts toplevel windows into its children list after gtk_...
 728452 gtk_tree_view_column_create_button creates button which is leaked
 763517 Selected then unselected Label in ListBox gets wrong colour until h...
 786794 Print dialogue has a printer called "printer"
 787669 Middle mouse click on scrollbar is ignored
 787866 Untranslated key labels in the Keyboard panel of Settings
 788534 cairo-node-serialization: Adjust bytes when width bytes != stride
 788573 HighContrast: titlebar separator is too wide and joined to buttons,...
 788614 Trying to reuse a TreeViewColumn causes criticals and a segfault (e...
 788787 gtktextview: Add a missing g_assert_not_reached() for switch defaul...
 788905 GtkRange horizontal scrolling causes movement in the wrong direction

* Translation updates:
 Brazilian Portuguese
 Chinese (Taiwan)
 Serbian Latin

======== (12.6M)
  sha256sum: 020d54d85b66af19de01c4db6dc0d320c58e68af9328e73bdd80bf77837b263c

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