gnome-builder 3.27.1

About Builder

Builder is an IDE for writing GNOME-based software. It is currently
under heavy development.


Changes since last release:

 • A GJS symbol resolver and code-index has been added.
 • Improved editor search that unifies mutliple search implementations
   and reduces editor overhead. We definitely would like testing from
   early adopters here.
 • Initial support for three-finger-swipe within the editor to move
   documents to the left or right. This feature requires a Wayland-enabled
   compositor such as GNOME Shell or Mutter.
 • The Todo plugin now respects .gitignore when using git.
 • An off-by-one in line number conversion has been fixed in the Todo plugin.
 • Thread-safety improvements to version control API.
 • The meson plugin has been ported to C and includes a number of improvements
   such as proper async support and reduced pipeline overhead when extracting
   build flags.
 • Builder now bundles most C-based plugins into a single private dynamic
   library to help reduce startup time.
 • A number of performance improvements were made to both application startup
   and project loading.
 • Preferences has been moved out of the workbench to reduce overhead and
   allow accessing from the application greeter.
 • When various features need to access build flags, there is less of a chance
   that they'll need to advance the build pipeline. This will hopefully give
   users the impression that less activity is going on behind the scenes at
   project load time.
 • Some build pipeline operations were queued behind long running operations.
   Builder will now try to flush those operations as soon as the pipeline has
   advanced past their requested phase.
 • The IdeTransferManager has been moved to IdeApplicatoin. This fixes some
   issues in the rustup plugin as well as allowing transfers to occur from
   any window and be accessible from all windows.
 • The quick-highlight plugin has been rewritten to take advantage of the
   new editor search feature.
 • Improved support for accessing symbols found in .Debug flatpak runtimes.
 • Builder's dark syntax style has been tweaked to provide more contrast
   between Gtk widgetry as well as the editor text.
 • The fpaste plugin has been removed as it had become obsolete.

As a number of plugins have been modified or removed, we recommend that users
uninstall any previously installed version of Builder before installing this
development version.

Updated Translations:

  Danish, Lithuanian, Hungarian, British English, Catalan, Spanish,
  Indonesian, Czech, Slovenian, Italian, Nepali, Polish,
  Brazilian Portuguese

======== (7.95M)
  sha256sum: 9d6027c92563228dbf25ce53e826ad7b5cb89013c01ed74dd5a2bbacfd52f253

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