gtksourceview 3.99.6

About gtksourceview

GtkSourceView is a GNOME library that extends GtkTextView, the
standard GTK+ widget for multiline text editing. GtkSourceView adds
support for syntax highlighting, undo/redo, file loading and saving,
search and replace, a completion system, printing, displaying line
numbers, and other features typical of a source code editor.


* Reduce a lot the number of translatable strings (especially in *.lang files),
  to translate only what makes sense. 630 -> 93 translatable strings!
* Build: remove ENABLE_NLS option, always support gettext translation, to
  simplify the code.
* Fix bug in gtk_source_view_indent_lines().
* Fix bug to read GtkSourceView 4 *.lang and style scheme files, not those from
  GtkSourceView 3.
* Code refactorings to prepare for the namespace change.
* Improvements to the syntax highlighting of: Vala.
* Improvements to the Visual Studio builds.
* Various other small improvements.
* Translation updates.

======== (1.28M)
  sha256sum: fbeaccf7fe21ebcf8794452b1fe4ad6e073e5904670b60f9c8ca472038ac875f

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