retro-gtk 0.13.1

About retro-gtk

retro-gtk is a toolkit allowing to easily write GTK+ 3 based Libretro


This version ports retro-gtk from Vala to C and simnplifies the API a
lot. It comes with lots of API breaks, so many that it would be simpler
to list what remained similar to the 0.12 branch than what changed.

The API will keep changing during the 0.14 development cycle, but it is
hoped to lead to less API breaks after that.

Reviewers: given how much changed, consider this as a new librarby,
don't review it in comparison with its previous versions.

* Bugs fixed:
 782501 retro-gtk: Port to C
 787548 mGBA fails to save memory
 787769 retro-gtk: Keyboard keys can be stuck
 788826 Can't find libretro cores with firmwares

======== (284K)
  sha256sum: 872daff4e9ea21bb32e237991f040e41bcd1959eb5d2fe8f8680c193b5252f94

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