gnome-panel 3.26.0

About gnome-panel

Launch other applications and provide various utilities to manage
windows, show the time, etc.


- Fix custom background color. (#783168)
- Fix tray icons when compositing is off. (#788109)
- Remove "Connect to Server..." applet.
- Updated translations:
  Dušan Kazik (sk), Gianvito Cavasoli (it), Jordi Mas (ca),
  Kristjan SCHMIDT (eo), Matej Urbančič (sl), Piotr Drąg (pl),
  Stas Solovey (ru).

======== (2.83M)
  sha256sum: ada88f8c7c55ab5f8b1879efe9276c45abedf5db9c317c1a3616877f6ed76271

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