pybliographer 1.2.18

About Pybliographer

Pybliographer is a tool for managing bibliographic databases.


       * Updated help system
       * Updated installation system
       * New icons in different sizes to follow desktop
       * New and updated translations (Gnome I18n team)

New in 1.2.17 - 2014-11-27

       * Fixed exit issues in command line
       * Pybliographer now includes and installs an AppData file
       * Saving bibtex entries sorted
       * Minor fixes of translations, installation system
         and the GUI
       * Added Greek translation of the 
         documentation (Gnome I18n team)
       * Updated translations (Gnome I18n team)

======== (1.58M)
  sha256sum: 8836a71f76d3c7d9c42fc801e70809e82f5fd05d18d79bacec479fedcaf4e13c

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