jsonrpc-glib 3.26.1

About Jsonrpc-GLib

Jsonrpc-GLib is a JSON-RPC library for GLib. It includes support for
communicating as both a JSON-RPC client and server. Additionally, it
supports upgrating connections to use GVariant for less runtime


Changes in this release:

 • Require -std=gnu11 in project config. We always required this, but
   previously we were relying on the default GCC flags to do so.
 • Fix improper use of va_list on non-Intel architectures.
 • JsonrpcOutputStream now properly checks for pending operations before
   flushing, so that an error is not incorrectly synthesized.
 • Improved error propagation from data streams.
 • Correctness fixes for stress tests.

https://download.gnome.org/sources/jsonrpc-glib/3.26/jsonrpc-glib-3.26.1.tar.xz (35.4K)
  sha256sum: e75828fe964a5d0accde3ae0903526fbcd435f897b2528188bfd30f98f74a4de

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