gjs 1.50.1

About gjs

GNOME JavaScript/Spidermonkey bindings


- As a debugging aid, gjs_dumpstack() now works even during garbage collection.

- Code coverage tools did not work so well in the last few 1.49 releases. The
  worst problems are now fixed, although even more improvements will be
  released in the next unstable version. Fixes include:

  * Specifing prefixes for code coverage files now works again
  * Code coverage now works on lines inside ES6 class definitions
  * The detection of which lines are executable has been improved a bit

https://download.gnome.org/sources/gjs/1.50/gjs-1.50.1.tar.xz (609K)
  sha256sum: 41519fd63978745d17dbccb688a55f1850a7ba72f3c86274ca985d88dbff9fdf

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