vala 0.39.1

About vala

valac, the Vala compiler, is a self-hosting compiler that translates
Vala source code into C source and header files. It uses the GObject
type system to create classes and interfaces declared in the Vala
source code.

The syntax of Vala is similar to C#, modified to better fit the
GObject type system. Vala supports modern language features as the
following: Interfaces, Properties, Signals, Foreach, Lambda
expressions, Type inference for local variables, Generics, Non-null
types, Assisted memory management, Exception handling, Type modules

Vala is designed to allow access to existing C libraries, especially
GObject-based libraries, without the need for runtime bindings. All
that is needed to use a library with Vala is an API file, containing
the class and method declarations in Vala syntax. Vala currently comes
with bindings for GLib and GTK+ and many others from the GNOME

Using classes and methods written in Vala from an application written
in C is not difficult. The Vala library only has to install the
generated header files and C applications may then access the GObject-
based API of the Vala library as usual. It should also be easily
possible to write a bindings generator for access to Vala libraries
from applications written in e.g. C# as the Vala parser is written as
a library, so that all compile-time information is available when
generating a binding.


 * Highlights
  - Report warning if property-type is not compatible with GLib.Object [#693932]
  - Allow to pass compatible delegates to signal.connect() [#787521]
  - Allow unscoped enum values where possible
  - Avoid use of temp-var for some callables returning ValueType
    and to access in/ref parameters [#789071]
  - Reformat generated source declarations and definitions for better
    readability [#688447]

 * Various bug fixes:
  - Use array_length_cexpr to support fixed-arrays for return-values [#784691]
  - Properly parse arguments for vala interpeter-mode [#663070]
  - Enforce name-length >= 3 for structs using GType [#764041]
  - Report error for missing type-parameter on enclosing type [#587905]
  - Add boolean "use_inplace" ccode-attribute for methods [#750840]
  - Improve handling of unowned/owned keyword occurrences
  - Methods need to throw compatible error if target delegate throws one
  - Discover invalid member access to instance field [#790903]
  - Improve error output of mismatching overriding methods

 * Valadoc
  - Acknowledge possible properties in structs [#784705]
  - Fix fatal typo in GtkdocRenderer.visit_symbol_link() [#790266]

 * Bindings:
  - glib-2.0: Use type-id/marshaller-type for (u)int16/(u)short from (u)int32
  - glib-2.0: Add optional 'unparsed' parameter to *.try_parse () [#774124]
  - gobject-2.0: Add some missing symbols
  - gstreamer-1.0: Bind GST_TIME_ARGS, GST_STIME_ARGS macros [#750840]
  - gstreamer-1.0: Bind GST_DEBUG_BIN_TO_DOT_FILE/*_WITH_TS [#785215]
  - gstreamer-1.0: Update from 1.13+ git master
  - gtk+-3.0: Update to 3.22.26+9ce824d3
  - gtk+-4.0: Split Gsk.RenderNode into several classes
  - gtk+-4.0: Update to 3.93.0+2d797dd8
  - webkit2gtk-4.0: Update to 2.19.2

=========  (137)

======== (3.18M)
  sha256sum: e3624764e600fbdb70d816f78720b5d24fa1938d35241ce5d78d00f0c25fe97f

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