d-feet 0.3.13

About D-Feet

D-Feet is an easy to use D-Bus debugger.

     D-Bus is a messaging library used on the Desktop. D-Feet can be
used to inspect D-Bus interfaces of running programs and invoke
methods on those interfaces.


- Use locale.textdomain otherwise gtkbuilder translations don't work (Sebastien Bacher)
- .gitignore: Ignore generated localized help files (Simon McVittie)
- build: Put various Autotools droppings in build-aux/ (Simon McVittie)
- build: Stop using GNOME_COMPILE_WARNINGS (Simon McVittie)
- build: Replace deprecated use of gnome-autogen.sh with recommended autogen.sh (Simon McVittie)
- build: Put third-party macros in m4/ (Simon McVittie)
- Make pep8 happy (Thomas Bechtold)
- ExecuteMethodDialog: set_transient_for() (Will Thompson)
- ExecuteMethodDialog: Pretty-print multiple results (Simon McVittie)
- Fix PEP8 305 style error (Michael Biebl)
- Added Norwegian bokmål translation. (Kjartan Maraas)
- Added nb (Kjartan Maraas)
- Updated Danish translation (Ask Hjorth Larsen)
- Show values that have a logical False representation. (Benjamin Berg)
- Post release version bump to 0.3.13 (Thomas Bechtold)

https://download.gnome.org/sources/d-feet/0.3/d-feet-0.3.13.tar.xz (171K)
  sha256sum: 941a2fda5a06deaeeb1eddd1e02c1eef6ddcaf8d6fb5647423e0e952f4a7a3d5

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