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        * Improve contour plot export/import to/from ODF. [#788728]
        * Improve contour plot import of Excel generated ODF. [#788801]
        * Improve surface plot export to ODF. [#788447]
        * Fix export/import of CONCATENATE to and from ODF.
        * Fix export/import of minor axis divisors to and from ODF.
        * Fix import of affice trendline from ODF. [#789538]

        * Fix background of multiple selection. [#789411]
        * Workaround for gtk scroll bar bug.  [#789412]

        * Convert all xpm files to png.
        * Avoid to-pixdata options for resources.  It's going away.
        * Minor CORREL improvement.
        * Fix error on xlsx files with bogus Print_Area.
        * xlsx import improvements for contour graphs.
        * xlsx export improvements for contour graphs.
        * Fix xlsx export of trend line equation.
        * Fix xlsx import and export of trend line affine flag.
        * Avoid critical on exporting unnamed xlsx trend line.
        * Fix VDB for partial periods.  [#790299]


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======== (19.1M)
  sha256sum: 3cbfe25f26bd31b832efed2827ac35c3c1600bed9ccd233a4037a9f4d7c54848

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