gnome-builder 3.27.2

About Builder

Builder is an IDE for writing GNOME-based software. It is currently
under heavy development.


Changes since last release:

 • Documentation improvements.
 • Bug fixes for the meson build system backend.
 • Bug fixes in our compile_commands.json support.
 • Bug fixes in our GJS integration.
 • Meson project templates gained a Workaround for a glade bug.
 • CMake plugin was ported to C, following the design of the meson plugin.
 • The greeter was abstracted to allow plugins to extend what is visible.
 • A newcomers plugin has been added which displays GNOME newcomer projects
   on the greeter.
 • Support was added for Yaml when using GNOME Code Assistance.
 • Appdata now installs to the preferred location of the spec.
 • Startup time has been improved by avoiding some costly operations in
   gtk and glib. Patches upstream improve things further.
 • A new setting allows following GNOME's Night Light behavior for night mode.
 • We now use explicit export macros to simplify ABI management. We still
   aren't ABI-stable, but we're progressing towards that.
 • Our clang plugin now supports the KeepGoing option, to try harder after
   encountering failures in includes.
 • Support for code-indexing the Vala programming language.
 • The ctags plugin will try to avoid activating certain language keywords.
 • Find-other-file plugin now shows the results in global search results.
 • Global search can now be navigated with ctrl+n/p in Vim mode.
 • You can now disable the "Open Pages" section of the sidebar in preferences.
 • The flatpak plugin no longer automatically updates project dependencies when
   the build system activates for the first time. You can manually update the
   dependencies from the workbench menu.
 • Cursor placement improvements for some text editor movements.
 • Basic support for unit testing in Meson-based projects.
 • Subprocess PATH will now prefer /bin over /usr/bin.
 • Various workbench keyboard shortcuts have been restored.
 • Support for project miners has been dropped.

Updated Translations:

 Serbian, German, Slovenian, Czech, Spanish

======== (8.76M)
  sha256sum: cc44db40db518c206228e39f3fa43aada329e19e4e83e0c55ddf9b326ffb39aa

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