libdazzle 3.27.2

About libdazzle

libdazzle is a collection of fancy features for GLib and Gtk+ that
aren't quite ready or generic enough for use inside those libraries.
This is often a proving ground for new widget prototypes. Applications
such as Builder tend to drive development of this project.


Changes in this release:

 • A performance improvement to CSS and resource loading by ensuring
   resource directory paths are suffixed with a /.
 • Use export macros instead of linker script to simplify ABI conformance
   on alternative platforms.
 • add missing dzl_preferences_view_new() symbol.
 • Various gobject introspection annotation fixes.
 • Use g_build_path() when appropriate.
 • Add dzl_state_machine_is_state() for checking the current state.

======== (396K)
  sha256sum: 0dd998f66c8013f90d117a5dd1e4d4adbd314b8d3e608c4887dd8008c28a2dc0

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