gnome-system-monitor 3.25.2

About System Monitor

GNOME System Monitor is a GNOME process viewer and system monitor with
an attractive, easy-to-use interface, It has features, such as a tree
view for process dependencies, icons for processes, the ability to
hide processes that you don't want to see, graphical time histories of
CPU/memory/swap usage, the ability to kill/renice processes needing
root access, as well as the standard features that you might expect
from a process viewer.


* added/updated translations
  Tiago Santos (pt)
  Piotr Drąg (pl)
  gogo (hr)
  Tom Tryfonidis (he)
  Fabio Tomat (fur)
  Kukuh Syafaat (id)
  Mario Blättermann (de)
  Balázs Úr (hu)

List of fixed bugs
  780574 Add 'Activity' keyword
  780644 Sane minimum width for disks table columns
  779812 Does not build
  776653 Process information refactoring
  781508 Help front page formatting
  776430 Add F10 shortcut for process menu
         Improved use of space on small size

=========  (3.25K)

======== (891K)
  sha256sum: 557008786584288f35b9d9556b83a18b4767ef3191fe8b5d6199e6da4754ff50

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