devhelp 3.25.1

About devhelp

Devhelp is an API documentation browser for GTK+ and GNOME. It works
natively with GTK-Doc.


- Book tree in the side panel: add context menu with Collapse All action.
- Update GUI when system fonts change.
- Lots of code clean-up and refactorings.
- Clean up the GSettings schema.
- Use GIO to load the index files.
- Several bug fixes in the parser.
- Build system:
        - Disable -Werror by default.
        - Use
        - Check for gsettings-desktop-schemas with pkg-config.

- There has been some API breaks documented in the reference manual, but both
  Anjuta and gnome-builder should still compile and work fine.
- Several fixes in the GTK-Doc comments and GObject Introspection annotations.
- Improve documentation, write class descriptions for public classes.
- DhBookManager is now a singleton.
- Deprecate dh_link_get_page_name().
- dh_init() now initializes the i18n.
- New function: dh_free_resources().

Fixed bugs:

 - #761292, Book tree in sidebar: add right click -> collapse all
 - #775175, Problems with back/forward buttons sensitivity
 - #776596, devhelp --search sometimes doesn't jump to symbol
 - #782511, Take advantage of Unicode

Updated translations: be, de, el, hu, id, pl

Many thanks to all contributors: Balázs Úr, Andika Triwidada, Tom
Tryfonidis, Yuras Shumovich, Sébastien Wilmet, Mario Blättermann, Piotr
Drąg, Kukuh Syafaat, Rico Tzschichholz

======== (602K)
  sha256sum: 3f2dec0a872b4458ff7837c90aabcae77bc03a4b8f16d3ee455556541cea7276

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