NetworkManager-openvpn 1.2.10

About network-manager-openvpn

OpenVPN support for NetworkManager


Overview of changes since NetworkManager-openvpn-1.2.8

This is a new stable release of NetworkManager-openvpn.  Notable changes include:

* Add support for "tls-crypt" and "mtu-disc" options
* Add support for dynamic challenge-response protocol
* Allow choosing Adaptive or None LZO compression methods in the connection
  properties dialog
* Avoid passing the obsolete "tls-remote" option to OpenVPN versions that no
  longer support it and discourage its use in the properties dialog
* Updated the build system to use non-recursive make
* Many bug fixes
* Updated Brazilian, Danish, Hungarian, Indonesian, Lithuanian, Polish, Serbian
  and Swedish translations


======== (497K)
  sha256sum: ac86a7a539d78df90095676e9183f2d422fb93dbfe4b3afef22f81825d303d61

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